Getting Ready to Sell Your House Quickly

Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, you may well want to do it quickly. Getting to the closing as fast as practically possible helps sellers in a number of ways. That’s especially true when you’re in a strong market. Taking advantage of a market with low inventory, low mortgage rates, and motivated, energetic buyers means that you can move on quickly to the next thing and the next place, putting all the administrative hassle of selling your home behind you. 

How can you do this efficiently without leaving money on the table or undercutting your home’s appeal to potential buyers? Follow these TKTK proven tips and you can close a great deal within weeks. 

Contact a Realtor, If … 

This may surprise you, but it’s not necessarily universally true that your first call should be to a realtor. If you’re not reasonably sure that you’re ready to sell your home as soon as possible, then you’ll probably want to use your time and energy on researching your local market. If it’s fairly active, with inventory that’s low enough to attract multiple purchasers and fast offers, it’s a good time to move forward. 

If you’re ready to sell, then an experienced real estate agent in your area will be your best resource and most effective team member when it comes to positioning your home to attract as many qualified and interested buyers as possible. Your realtor will be able to assess comparative sales in your area, help you establish a competitive list price for your home, and stage and present it in the best possible light, without unnecessarily spending money and time making improvements that won’t produce a viable return on your investment (ROI). 

If you’re unsure about when to contact a real estate agent to help you sell your home, consider how close you are to being able and ready to close. 

Declutter Your Home First

If you’re not supposed to contact the realtor the very first thing, then what should you be doing? The answer is simple: declutter. 

Before you start to stage your home, go through each room and pack up as much as possible. Focus on clearing out personal photographs, papers, books, toiletries, and tchotchkes.  You’ll be moving those things to your new home anyway, and clearing your house out helps you figure out your staging options. 

Even if you opt not to engage in any heavy staging, painting, or furniture positioning, the simple act of decluttering your home will make it seem more open, like a blank stage on which potential purchasers can project their own lives. And if you can make an interested purchaser feel at home in your house, you’re more than halfway to an offer. 

Let Your Realtor Do Their Job

Once you have a real estate agent on board, use them as much as possible! As local market experts, they can tell you what’s selling, what buyers are looking for, how much they’re willing to pay for which improvements, and so much more. 

Getting your house ready for a quick sale means that you have less time than other sellers might to fix what needs to be repaired, declutter your home, and stage to whatever extent is wise. Let your realtor help you prioritize and manage your time more efficiently. 

Additionally, your realtor can help you price your home for its initial listing, and what numbers you’ll accept during negotiation. The right listing price can help you bring more interested purchasers to view the house in person and to make a good offer. 

Sell Quickly With the Help of Your Realtor

For sellers who want to close quickly, a realtor isn’t always essential, but can be an invaluable asset in positioning your home in the market. Let your real estate agent help you establish a timeline for selling your home that will hopefully lead to a quick closing.

When To Contact a Realtor to Sell Your House
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