How To Switch Energy When Moving Into A New House

When you are moving from one house to another, there are so many things to remember that it is not a surprise that you may forget to do something. That something, more times than not, will be to switch your energy over at the right time, in the correct way.

It is not something you want to put off until the last minute because you will end up not having power in your new place, and you will be paying for energy in the old. The energy that you are not using.

What matters is that you get the deed done before the actual moving starts, which is when the chaos starts. That is not to say that you want to have your power turned off in the old home until you are out, but you can schedule it a little way.

Let's make the process easier by giving some tips so you can make the move without any issues, such as not having any heat on in the new place once you have finished relocating.

Give A Notice

Give at least three days notice to your current energy provider. This is important because the company will have to be able to schedule the old service to end and the new service to start. With a little bit of notice, they can get done what they need to on their end, so things smoothly transition on your end.

You can even do it early, but make sure that the company knows the dates you need it completed by. It is suggested by some experts that you should give the energy provider two or three weeks advance notice, but if you do go out that far make sure you follow up with them a couple days before just to make sure it has been scheduled for the correct days.

Switch Providers

If you are planning on switching providers, you will need to go online to a comparison platform and let them send you offers from numerous of their partner sites. They will do all the leg work for you, leaving you with the simple task of going through each offer and finding the best one for your needs. Remember that the cheapest provider is not always the best because they may not have very dependable service. Check them out with a bit of research before you make a decision.

The second thing you will need to do is pay any early disconnect fees that your current provider may decide to hit you with. They will likely charge you a fee if you are on a yearly contract and plan to switch before it ends. Be prepared, and pay it if they require one. If you need to change, go to the iSelect electricity providers platform and let them help you out.

Pay Your Bill

If you have any bills due, pay them off as soon as possible, and make sure that you have enough cash put aside to pay the bill once they disconnect it from your old place. Some energy providers may require you to pay it off before your new service is turned on, which may become a headache. If they do not work with you, it may be time to make a change. If you contact a new provider, they will be able to set up the new service on the day that you need it.

They may require a small deposit amount to complete the process, but at least you will have working power at your new place without waiting for the payment to clear. Either way you go, you will still need to pay off the bill from your old home to keep everything caught up and in good standing. You do not want your credit to go down the drain because of a forgotten energy bill from a past provider.

Final Thoughts

The main thing that you need to focus on when moving is to get everything prepared and ready to go before the final date you have. This includes switching your energy, gas, garbage, and water service to the new place. Your current provider may have a process that they want you to go through when canceling with them, so make sure to check out their policies ahead of time.

Follow the steps that they want and get the task done. Do not wait until you are in the middle of the actual moving process before trying to get the energy switched because it is likely that you will forget. There will be enough chaos to keep your mind occupied once you start packing and hauling all of your belongings, so do not find yourself without power in the new place because the energy was forgotten about until the time when it was needed.

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