Top Tips for Cleaning Gutters

There are some jobs we should not skip out in life and like it or not cleaning gutters is one of them! After all, if the guttering is just left you can expect more and more problems to arise. To help set you off to a roaring start, this article will be giving you some top tips on the subject of cleaning your gutters!

Plan Your Clean

Before you begin cleaning make sure you have all of your gutter cleaning tools present-instead of wasting time going back and forth to collect them. Spend a decent amount of time planning your route around your gutters to clean them more efficiently. Work out where the key areas are for cleaning and also determine the safest way to go about the work (think about how you are going to position yourself whilst cleaning).

Protect Yourself

If you are not careful you could do yourself an injury whilst cleaning your gutters. When you are moving your body around in various notions to clean your gutter, be careful how you move. For example, never put too much strain on your back, legs or arms. Also, wear a good pair of gloves. This will not only help you remove any debris with ease, but it will also help protect your hands against any sharp objects that you might come across (such as the sharp parts of plants).

Check Out Your Roof

Whilst you are up there trying to sort your gutters, it might be a good idea to spot anything else at the same eye level that needs some TLC! After all, roofing should be checked every so often, and whilst getting ready to clean your gutters you can take a look at your tiles and see if any work needs doing in that area.

Consider Using High-Level Gutter Cleaning Equipment

Sometimes the most effective way to clean your gutter is to bring in the use of high-level gutter cleaning equipment. Be warned this kind of equipment can be expensive, and you need to know how to effectively use it to get the best out of it, as well as to avoid any damage to your gutters! The best way of having high-level gutter equipment used on your gutter is to hire a professional trained in the use of such equipment. Professionals will have a range of powerful tools at their disposal including Atex products, such as one of their Atex Vacuum Cleaning Systems A Gutter Vacuum is an effective way to clear out debris from a gutter, but should only be operated by someone trained in its use, hence hiring a professional to make quick, effective work of your gutter!

Consider the Ground Level Too!

If you have chosen to get up that ladder please make sure you have someone keeping an eye and guarding your ladder down below. It can be a big help to have someone keeping it steady as if you fall it can be extremely dangerous.

Keep these tips in mind next time it is gutter cleaning time and you should have a very successful gutter cleaning session! If you would like to find out more about our ATEX systems, please get in touch on 01604 968668 or pop us an email at [email protected]

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